Why is Bladeless LASIK more expensive?

Is Bladeless LASIK more expensive than LASIK with Blade?

Yes. Most patients agree that the added level of safety and better vision offered by Bladeless LASIK is worth the incremental cost. New Vision Laser Centers are leaders in the field of refractive laser surgery inIndia, and we continually evaluate advances in technology. We have determined that Bladeless LASIK is the most sophisticated and accurate system available today for flap creation and have invested in the technology to sustain our superiority in patient care.

Why is Bladeless LASIK more expensive? Well, for starters, two lasers are required in the procedure- a femtosecond laser and an excimer laser. This makes the capital cost double. In addition, all femtosecond lasers, without exception, require the doctor or clinic to pay a “license fee or treatment fee” per eye to the laser manufacturer. This fee alone is sometimes worth the cost of LASIK with Blade. Third is the additional maintenance fee to be paid for two lasers instead of one.

Given all of these costs, Bladeless LASIK can sometimes cost double or triple the cost of LASIK with Blade.

However, in India, and especially at New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight, we have made all efforts to keep the cost of Bladeless LASIK as low as possible. Bladeless LASIK at our centers in Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara or Hyderabad can cost about 1/4th the cost of the same procedure in Europe or America, and half of what it costs in Thailand or Malaysia.