ReLEx smile- The Latest Advance

ReLEx SMILE: The Latest Advance

Introduction to ReLEx smile: Thus far, since 1990 till about 1997, it was the era of PRK. More than 90% of all laser refractive surgery procedures done in the world were done using PRK. From 1997 till about 2006, it was the era of microkeratome LASIK. From 2006 to now, it is the era of femtosecond LASIK. The majority of the laser vision correction procedures done in Europe and America are now performed using Femto-LASIK.

It is now time for further evolution. Recall that the three disadvantages of LASIK (even Femto-LASIK) are a) the increase in the tendency for dry eyes b) the small possibility of a flap displacement and c) weakening of the cornea because the flap does not contribute anything to the corneal strength.

Recently, a new procedure has evolved, called ReLEx smile laser vision correction, which promises to even minimize these disadvantages. In ReLEx Smile eye surgery, the femtosecond laser is used to carve out a lenticule (corresponding to the refractive error to be corrected) within the corneal stroma. Then a small side cut incision is created, and the lenticule is extracted from the cornea and discarded, thus lending the cornea a new shape, corresponding to the need of the patient.

ReLEx smile vision correction
In the ReLEx smile technique, the VisuMax laser is used to carve out a lenticule within the cornea

ReLEx SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction allows the patient correction of the refractive error without a large side cut incision and without the creation of a corneal flap, while preserving to a large extent, the original corneal architecture. Since the correction is done intrastromally, without disturbing the epithelium, there is no pain or the delayed visual recovery common to PRK. Since there is no flap, there is no likelihood of a flap displacement. Finally, since there is only a small side cut incision, very few corneal nerves get cut, thus leading to a less problem of dry eyes.


There are other advantages of ReLEx SMILE. It takes less time for the treatment of both eyes compared with Femto-LASIK. Similar to Femto-LASIK, there are no red eyes following the procedure. Finally, the procedure seems to give better, more stable results, which is because an excimer laser is dependent on external factors like humidity, but the femtosecond laser is less dependent on such factors overall.

We are proud that New Vision Laser Centers has participated in the development of the ReLEx smile technique. We were the third center in the world to start performing this exciting new technique, and have contributed to the development of the technique. To date, we also have the largest numbers of eyes performed with this technique in the world. Today more than 50 centers in the world have already adopted ReLEx smile as a premium refractive surgery procedure. We hope that in the coming years, a lot more surgeons and patients can take advantages of this exciting new technique, despite its relatively high costs. This is perhaps the ultimate in laser refractive surgery.

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  1. Is there any limitation for performing ReLex Smile if patient have more powers ? more specifically, 1 eye – 8.5, 3 cylindrical 180 axis
    2nd eye – -8.0, 2.5 cylindrical, 10 axis
    Is ReLex Smile possible for these powers?

  2. would you send me the cost for relex smile and the precidure to have the surgery..i live in the us and im planing to have in india but cost is important to me…and i will be able to stay there only for a week..would that be enough>?

  3. Is vision after ReLex Smile procedure superior (Color, contrast, Night Vision Problems etc..) compared to Femto Bladeless lasik or is the same ? For ReLex procedure how are the appointments schedueld Pre/Post procedure ?

    1. We have documented a clear superiority for the ReLEx smile procedure in induction of spherical aberration, and in the mean transfer function. Both of these should lead to better night vision after ReLEx smile compared to Femto Bladeless LASIK.

      Usually, the ReLEx smile procedure can be done on the same day as the pre-operative examination, unless you have myopia> -6D, in which case, it is better to do it the next day. Post-operatively, we definitely like to see patients on the following day. After that, it is necessary only if you have some complaints.

  4. After undergoing ReLex Smile procedure, how much corneal thickness would be reduced ?
    Which type of procedure results in least amount of reduction in corneal thickness ? Please please please reply. Its urgent !

  5. sir/madam i have corneal thickness about 512 ………..but doctor said even after femtosecond surgery i will leave with 0.5 to 0.7 sight …..will i get perfect sight after advanced SMILE technique

  6. sph cyl
    right eye -4.25 -1.5
    left eye -1.25 -1

    i did my pre lasik evaluation at 2 centres they told me that relex smile cannot treat cylindrical numbers, not even -1. so he told me that u r not suitable for relex smile and u will have to go for bladeless lasik. those centres had relex smile in their centres even then they refused me.

    pl guide me…

  7. My right eye prescription is -4.25 spherical with-1.5 cylindrical and left eye is -1.25 sph with -1 cylinder… I want your advice if i m eligible for relex smile because someone told me that relex smile cannot treat cylindrical numbers completely and it is not preferred for cylindrical number greater then 0.75…

  8. My right eye prescription is -4.25 spherical with-1.5 cylindrical and left eye is -1.25 sph with -1 cyl… I want your advice if i m eligible for relex smile because 2 docs told me that relex smile cannot treat cylindrical numbers completely ..he told me that smile suitable for cyl no upto 0.75 only..and doc suggested me to go for femtosecond bladeless lasik…

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