Rajahmundry LASIK centre inaugurated.

Rajahmundry LASIK Centre inaugurated

Our Rajahmundry LASIK center was inaugurated in November 2011, and offers state of the art LASIK services in West Godavari District.

This will be our third center in Andhra Pradesh. The center is equipped with a world class excimer laser, the Carl Zeiss Meditec MEL 80. We will soon extend our services to Vijaywada, Vizag, Bhimavaram and Guntur. The centers shall cater to bothe the large cities like Vijaywada, but also the whole of East and West Godavari district.

Many prominent local eye doctors are associated with the Rajahmundry LASIK center. This includes Dr. Sriram and Dr. Meher, Dr. A.S.R. Murthy, Dr. Prabhakar Rao and Dr. Indrajeet.