Mumbai LASIK center completes more than 500 Bladeless LASIK procedures

Mumbai LASIK center completes more than 2000 Bladeless LASIK procedures

In a little over 4 years, the Mumbai LASIK center has completed more than 2000 Bladeless LASIK and  SMILE procedures. This is very interesting, given that Bladeless LASIK and SMILE cost a lot more than standard LASIK and so is therefore less affordable to patients. This indicates the strong preference of patients from Mumbai to undergo these procedures, because of their enhanced safety and enhanced accuracy as the result of a all laser procedure.

Our Mumbai LASIK center is our oldest laser center, and is conveniently located in Juhu, close to Andheri Railway Station, and close to the Versova-Ghatkoper Metro Line. Under the leadership of our Clinical Director, Dr. Rupal Shah, and our Ophthalmic Consultants Dr. Parul Maniar and Dr. Dimple Shah, we provide the most advanced LASIK technology in Mumbai