Customized LASIK

Customized LASIK

Normal laser vision correction consists of a situation, where the surgeon measures the refractive error of the eye, and feeds this error directly into the laser. All patients with a similar error, would receive exactly the same treatment. This is known as standard LASIK as opposed to Customized LASIK.

While this works with most patients, especially with the technique of wavefront-optimized lasik (also known as OptiLASIK or Aberration Smart LASIK), some patients require something special.

In case the corneas of the patients are not normal, or when they have already other forms of eye surgery before, especially corneal surgery, then they might be good candidates for topogrophy customized LASIK. In this case, the treatment is customized to the patients corneal topography and the entire treatment is guided by the corneal topography of the patient. The aim of the surgery is a smooth and regular cornea, with no refractive error left in the eye.

In case the patient has high wavefront errors, i.e,  the optical system of the eye has high aberrations, then the patient can undergo wavefront customized LASIK. In this case, the aim of the surgery is to minimize the aberrations of the eye, and to eliminate the refractive error of the eye.

Both types of customized LASIK procedures are available at several New Vision Laser Centers.