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Best LASIK in India

Why does New Vision Provide the Best LASIK in India?

New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight is the undisputed leader in LASIK surgery and even eye surgeons choose New Vision Laser Centers to get rid of their spectacles and contact lenses. Why do the Best LASIK treatments in India happen at New Vision Laser Centers?

Get Rid of Spectacles and Contact Lenses with the Best LASIK clinics
Best LASIK clinics in India to get rid of spectacles and contact lenses
  • The experience and knowledge pool of treating over 80,000 eyes. No one else has this level of experience. No wonder we provide the Best LASIK treatments
  • One of the world’s finest and most versatile Excimer Lasers from Carl Zeiss Meditec (MEL 80) and the VisuMax /Intralase femtosecond laser.
  • Highest number of bladeless LASIK centers in India
  • Possibility of Blade Free LASIK (Femto-LASIK) also known as Bladeless LASIK
  • Pioneers of SMILE, the next step in laser refractive surgery. We have treated the highest number of eyes in the world, even while providing the best LASIK treatments.
  • Highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologists who have undergone training in Germany
  • An in house team of IIT engineers and technicians, also trained in Germany,for maintenance and upkeep of the laser
  • Availability of LASEK, PRK,  Blade Free LASIK, SMILE and LASIK treatments
  • The ability to treat numbers ranging from +1 to +8 and -1 to -12
  • A reasonable and all inclusive price, with different options for all types of patients
  • Undergo follow-up wherever you are in India, at any New Vision Center or Center for Sight Clinic
  • Customized Ablation possibility (Topography Customized LASIK, Wavefront Customized LASIK, Wavefront-Optimized LASIK, and Aspheric LASIK)
  • SMILE Procedure available in our Vadodara (Baroda), Hyderabad, and Mumbai (Bombay) Centers, for no flap, no blade, no pain LASIK. This is the best LASIK alternative.
  • New Vision Laser Centers has trained more than 1000 eye surgeons, who have done their first LASIK at New Vision
  • Our clinical director is Dr. Rupal Shah, one of the world’s most well known refractive eye surgeons.
  • Our Chairman is Padmashri Dr. Mahipal Sachdev, amongst the most experienced eye surgeons of India.
  • Part of the Center for Sight Network, which is the most professional eye care chain in India.

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