Topography Customized LASIK

Topography Customized LASIK or Topolink

Topography Customized LASIK is a special technique of Laser Vision Correction, which deals with certain problematic cases, i.e., cases which are not amenable to standard laser vision correction algorithms.

In Standard or Wavefront Optimized LASIK, the only input to the laser is the person’s refractive error, and perhaps, the curvature values of the cornea along a couple of points or axes. This works well for normal eyes, in people with no other problems than having a refractive error. In this case, the laser calculates from the input refractive error, how the cornea needs to be reshaped to correct only the refractive error. In this sense, the treatment would be the same for the same for all patients with the same refractive error.

In some people, there are other problems. They could have night vision difficulties, haloes, glare, double images, ghost images and drop in best corrected vision. Such problems can arise from throughout the optical axis. But in some individuals, they come from the fact that the patient has an irregular cornea, either surgically induced or naturally. Such irregular corneas have an irregular surface.

In Topography Customized LASIK, a machine known as a corneal topography machine is used to measure the radius of curvature of the cornea along hundreds and thousands of points. The machine also derives the height difference between the actual measured cornea and an “ideal” corneal surface. This height difference is transmitted to the laser, which then attempts to reshape the cornea so that its shape becomes close to ┬áthe ideal corneal surface. This helps in removing the irregularities that cause the visual symptoms.

While what is described above is a simplistic version, Topography Customized LASIK or Topolink should only be used on select patients by expert and experienced LASIK surgeons.

Topography Customized LASIK or Topolink is offered at several New Vision Centers, including Vadodara, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Jamnagar. Your New Vision Doctor will explain whether you are a fit case for this advanced treatment.

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