Dr. Rupal Shah to speak on LASIK and ReLEx smile at Focus 2013 meeting in Mumbai

Dr. Rupal Shah will give a keynote address on her journey with ReLEx smile at the annual meeting of the Bombay Ophthalmologists Association (BOA), titled Focus 2013 to be held in Mumbai from August 3-5. She will also speak on Laser Blended Vision, a special LASIK option for those above the age of 40, and she will speak on Combined Corneal Cross Linking with Topo-LINK LASIK during the meeting.

Dr. Rupal Shah, Group Medical Director of New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight is one of the leading refractive eye surgeons of India. She has personally performed more than 30000 LASIK procedures. She practices in both Mumbai and Vadodara. She has also trained more than 1000 eye surgeons on the LASIK technique, and many doctors performing ReLEx smile around the world have first seen her performing the procedure.


LASIK Cost Mumbai

LASIK Cost Mumbai

Different LASIK Cost Mumbai

We offer many different types of procedures in our Mumbai LASIK center. Each of them has a different price, and so we must inevitably discuss LASIK Cost Mumbai only in reference to the type of procedure. For more about each type of procedure, you can refer to the relevant pages as linked to this page.

Aspheric LASIK Cost Mumbai: Rs. 25000 to Rs. 35000

Customized LASIK Cost Mumbai: Rs. 40000 to Rs. 55000

Bladeless LASIK Cost Mumbai: Rs. 85000 to Rs. 100000

SMILE Cost Mumbai: Rs. 120000 to Rs. 135000

Corneal Cross Linking Cost Mumbai: Rs. 20000 to Rs. 50000 (per eye).

Corneal Cross linking costs vary based on whether it is accompanied by any topolinking or refractive correction.

Laser Blended Profile for Near Vision Correction: Rs. 5000 (per eye)

The above lasik costs mumbai are for both eyes (unless otherwise mentioned).

Why do we mention a range instead of one single figure? Well, it depends a little on how complex the refractive error is, and the demands of the patient. If you have a high power, or high astigmatism or a thin cornea, or dry eyes, you should expect a figure on the higher side of the range. Also, it depends on the doctor treating you. A more experienced doctor is more likely to charge on the higher side of the range.

Do check at the clinic for any discount schemes we may be running. We often run these, so you might be able to take advantage of the scheme. Do chcck out our facebook page: LASIK Mumbai




44th Intensive LASIK Course concludes successfully in Mumbai (Bombay)

LASIK Training Course concludes in Mumbai

New Vision Laser Centers successfully concluded the 44th Intensive LASIK Training course on Feb 10th, 2013. Twenty participants from all over India attended the course. The course was conducted by Dr. Rupal Shah, and included discussions on surgical techniques, bladeless lasik, complications and ReLEx smile. All participants got a chance to do hands on surgery under expert guidance.

Mumbai LASIK Training
Participants of 44th Intensive LASIK Training Course held in Mumbai in February 2013