LASIK in Rajkot

LASIK in Rajkot, Gujarat, India

We offer LASIK in Rajkot, at our excellent center since more than 12 years. We are one of the best centers in Rajkot to get Laser Eye Surgery done, and we have kept upgrading our center to keep up with the advances in technology. Our Rajkot Center is one of the oldest centers in Rajkot, having been inaugurated in the year 1999.

We have a well appointed LASIK clinic in the center of Rajkot, convenient for approach from all parts of Rajkot. Facilities we offer include LASIK and PRK procedures. The center is equipped with the US FDA approved MEL 80 laser from Carl Zeiss Meditec. We also have a state of the art microkeratome, and all diagnostic facilities like wavefront aberrometer, pachymeter and corneal topographer for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Carl Zeiss MEL 80 for LASIK in Rajkot
MEL 80 Excimer Laser for LASIK in Rajkot

In the last 12 years, the center has performed 1000’s of LASIK in Rajkot.

Our doctor is Dr. Sandeep Visani, who has been with us since more than 8 years, and is considered to be an expert LASIK laser eye surgeon.

The address of the center is as follows:

203, Embassy Building, Nr. Jubilee Garden

Rajkot 360 001

Ph: (0281) 2240241, 2240239

Email: LASIK in Rajkot


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