LASIK in Ahmedabad

LASIK in Ahmedabad, India

Lasik in Ahmedabad has never been more safe, than at New Vision Laser Centers. One of New Vision’s prime centers, the Ahmedabad center combines advanced technology with some of the most experienced refractive eye surgeons of Ahmedabad.

The Ahmedabad LASIK center has been in existence since 1998. Led by Dr. Anil Bavishi and Dr. Mahesh Shah, it is the most advanced laser center in Ahmedabad. We have pioneered the concept of Bladeless LASIK in Ahmedabad, and have been doing bladeless LASIK in Ahmedabad since 2008.

In our Ahmedabad LASIK center, we have the US FDA approved Carl Zeiss Meditec laser, with wavefront guided LASIK, Laser Blended Vision and Topography Guided LASIK. In addition, we have the Zeimer LDV laser for bladeless LASIK.

Bladeless LASIK in Ahmedabad
Femto LDV Laser for Bladeless LASIK in Ahmedbad

It is our aim in Ahmedabad to offer consistently advanced LASIK technology to our patients at a reasonable price and with good service.


101, White Cross,

15, Patel Society, Gulbai Tekra,

Ahmedabad 380 006.

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22 Replies to “LASIK in Ahmedabad”

      1. I do wear specs.. N my nmbr is -1.75 & 180 degree for right eye and -3.25 & 180 degree fir left eye.. As i m 19 now.. Dctr adviced me to go for advance wavefront lasik.
        Can u plz tell me.. How much will it cost?

    1. Generally speaking, the cost of wavefront guided LASIK surgery in Ahmedabad would be approximately Rs. 30000/-. It would be additional if you would undergo bladeless lasik.

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I hope you received a reply directly from the laser centre.

    1. I hope you have received information directly from the Ahmedabad LASIK centre. Our LASIK clinic in Ahmedabad is equipped with a Femtolaser for bladeless lasik and the doctors are highly experieced.

  1. hi my self Kaushal Shah I am 30 years of age I want to undergo lasik for both eyes.
    my current numbers are -2.75 in each eye.
    please reply with type of lasik, comparison from medical science point of view & cost for each.

    hope to hear soon from you.

  2. Hello Sir,
    What would be the cost of LASIK surgery to cure -4.5 myopia in both eyes??
    And How many days will have to take rest after surgery??


  3. Dear Team,

    I am 40 year old and having power on my both eye i.e Left Eye SPH -2.75 CYL -5.00 AXIS 20 & Right SPH -3.50 CYL -3.00 Axis 170′

    Is it advisable to go for Lasik Surgery? If yes, please suggest approx cost of surgery with success rate.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. dear dr. i am a dentist working in kutch bhuj.i would like to know what is customized lasik surgery and how do v come to know that which kind of surgery v need.also most important what is the difference in your clinic and dr.parimal desai clinic.

  5. Hello Sir,
    What would be the cost of LASIK surgery to cure -2.5 myopia in both eyes??
    And How many days will have to take rest after surgery??


    1. Dear Kalpesh

      It depends on the technique used. It can cost as little as Rs. 20000/- for standard LASIK and Rs. 80000/- for two eyes for femtosecond customized LASIK.


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