LASIK Costs India

LASIK Costs India

LASIK costs are of course interesting for all our patients, whether they are from India or abroad.

LASIK Costs India
Costs for LASIK in India are the cheapest in the world

At New Vision Laser Centers, we believe in transparent pricing policies. We do not believe in charging patients what we feel they can afford (for example, all patients-regardless of whether they are resident indians, non-resident Indians, or foreigners, all pay the same rate). Rather, we give a menu of our laser eye surgery  prices, based on technology and the location of the center, and the experience of the doctor, and expect that patients will choose whatever they feel is appropriate for them and their budget. At every point, for the same technology, New Vision Laser Centers has one of the most reasonable LASIK costs India.

LASIK Costs India

The question of LASIK cost is rather difficult. Of course, there is, at some level, a defined cost for every service we provide. However, there is some leeway that must be allowed, for special needs of an individual patient. We have, however, tried, on this page, to define lasik costs for as many of our services as possible. Please be warned, though, that the ultimate price you will pay, may vary a little though (and not always in the more expensive direction!!). Also, always ask, before your appointment, if there are any special offers currently on. We often run special discounts during lean or very busy months, and it is a good idea to avail of these discounts.

All the rates quoted below are for both eyes inclusive (These rates are applicable for New Vision Prime Centers located at Vadodara (Baroda), Mumbai (Bombay), Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Surat). Rates for other centers -Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Vapi, Bharuch, Jamnagar, Rajahmundry-are much less, and you may call us to find out the LASIK costs India locations.

 LASIK Costs India

Customized Femtosecond LASIK Costs India : Rs. 85000 (Approx. Euro 1300 or USD 1600) to Rs. 90000 for both eyes


ReLEX smile Costs India: Rs 120000  (Approx. Euro 1500 or USD 1700) to Rs. 125000 for both eyes


Customized LASIK Costs India(with Conventional Microkeratome): Rs. 45000 (Approx. Euro 700 or USD 900) to Rs. 55000 for both eyes


Aspheric LASIK Costs India(also called optimized LASIK) with Conventional Microkeratome: Rs. 25000 (Approx. Euro 400 or USD 600) to Rs. 35000 for both eyes


For Laser Blended Vision Profile for correcting Age Related Near Vision Problems, add Rs. 10000/- to each of the above rates (Relevant to only those patients over 45 years)


Corneal Cross Linking: Rs. 20000/- per eye. Rs. 35000/- per eye with topolinked PRK


Standard Consultation: Rs. 300/- per eye (Includes fees for pachymetry, aberrometry and topography). Fee is Rs. 500 in Mumbai


Fee for Consultation Report and Printouts: Rs. 1500 per eye (Included in Above Surgery Fees, except for Aspheric LASIK)


Our fees are all inclusive and include all follow ups for six months. They are also inclusive of any enhancement procedures, which may be necessary, and which are performed at our center.

The cost of Femtosecond LASIK in the U.S., U.K., or Europe is approximately USD 5000 for two eyes. The cost of an air ticket from the U.S. or Europe to India does not exceed USD 1000. A seven day holiday probably would cost the same in a nice place and hotel

If you are a resident of Europe or the U.S., think about it. You can visit India, have a nice holiday, get LASIK done by the most experienced surgeon, with the very best equipment, and you still save money over what you might have paid in the U.S. or Europe.

Contact LASIK to find out more about the possibilities, and to get references of treated patients.

If you are a non-resident Indian, and you get treated at New Vision Laser Centers, you will find that you are not alone. Hundreds of NRI’s get treated at New Vision during their annual visit to India. Contact LASIK to know more about pricing and to schedule an appointment.