Intralase LASIK

Intralase LASIK

Intralase is a femtosecond laser manufactured by Abbott Medical Optics (AMO), used in LASIK. The role of the Intralase in LASIK Is to create the flap, as in bladeless LASIK.

The advantages of using the intralase is that the flap dimensions are more precise, and the surgeon can select the size and shape of the flap to suit an individual eye’s requirements. The second advantage is that the flap thickness can be much more accurate, which greatly enhances the safety of LASIK. Third, the flap “locks-in”, so that if the likelihood that the flap gets displaced reduces.

The Intralase was the first femtosecond laser to become available. Nowadays, many other types of femtosecond lasers are available. These include the VisuMax from Carl Zeiss, the LDV from Ziemer, and the wavelight laser. Besides AMO itself makes a new femtosecond laser, the iFS.

The problem with the original intralase was that it was too slow, and it also used very high energy. This leads to more inflammation in the eye, and a not so nice patient experience overall.

At New Vision, most of our centers are equipped with the VisuMax (and not the Intralase) which is the best femtosecond laser, and one which does not cause red spots in the eye after the treatment. Besides the VisuMax can also do ReLEx smile, which no other femtosecond laser can.

At our Surat centre, we have the iFs laser, which is the new model of the Intralase, which also works at a lower energy and faster speed than the original Intralase.

iFS has replaced the Intralase
iFs laser is the newer model of the Intralase

So next time you need to undergo bladeless surgery, please remember that not all femtosecond lasers are created equal. Some are faster than others, they cause less red spots in the eye, and cause more inflammation in the eye. Some femtosecond lasers are clearly superior to others.