ICL- A LASIK Alternative

ICL is the short form of Implantable Collamer Lens. It is a lens made from a Collamer material, which is collagen like, and very compatible with the body. This lens is implanted in the eye, in the space between the iris and the natural lens of the eye, in order to correct the refractive error

ICL at New Vision Laser Centers
ICL is an good LASIK alternative

ICL surgery is a short procedure. After putting anesthetic eye drops to numb the eye, the doctor makes a small opening in the eye, and then folds the lens and injects the lens into the space between the pupil and the natural lens. In this space, it is unfolded, and then properly kept in position. In case a toric ICL is chosen (for those individuals who have a high cylindrical power), the ICL is rotated into the correct axis.

While the ICL is an intraocular procedure, fraught with more risk than LASIK or Bladeless LASIK or ReLEx smile, it is quite safe. Risks include a short term spike in the Intraocular pressure, eye infection, excessive inflammation of the eye and anesthetic complications. Longer term risks include the higher risk of the lens touching the natural lens, and causing a cataract (or a cloudiness of the eye).

Generally speaking, we do not perform an ICL procedure where normal LASIK (or bladeless LASIK or ReLEx smile) works well. ICL procedures are reserved for those people who have corrections > 10 Diopters, have thin corneas or dry eyes.

ICL procedures are available at our clinics in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Vadodara.