How long does laser eye correction last?

How long does laser eye correction last?

Laser Eye correction works by corneal reshaping, and the shape change is a permanent one. Since the shape change is permanent, laser eye correction is also permanent. So, in general, laser eye correction last’s permanently, The refractive error (or number, in layman’s terms) should not come back following the procedure.

However, this statement should be viewed with some limitations. Laser eye correction may not last permanently if

a) The surgery has been done at a young age (i.e, less than 18 years for women and less than 21 for men)

b) Other pathologies develop in the eye, like a cataract or glaucoma.

c) Other systemic problems occur-for example, if there is pregnancy or diabetes. Refractive errors can also change as a reaction to some drugs. Sometimes contraceptive pills can also cause a change in refractive errors.

d) In a very few individuals, there is some change in power even without any laser eye correction. Such people should expect that laser eye correction will not last permanently in their case.

e) there is an abnormal healing reaction after laser vision correction-normally this will become evident  fairly quickly-around a month or so after laser eye correction. In such a situation, New Vision Laser Centers will perform an enhancement procedure free of charge.

Also, one must remember that laser vision correction is for distance vision correction. Don’t imagine that it will work for age related near vision problems which appear after the age of 40-42. Such people should undergo presbyopic lasik or laser blended vision.

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