LASIK Faq’s: Some LASIK Questions Answers

Q-1 Why is laser refractive surgery relatively more expensive in comparison to other techniques?

The high capital cost of the excimer laser system results in laser refractive surgery being costlier than other techniques. Also adding to costs are expensive consumables.

Amongst LASIK-PRK, LASIK is more expensive than PRK since it involves extra instrumentation expense due to the use of the microkeratome. Bladeless LASIK is even more expensive, since it involves two lasers (one femtosecond laser for making the flap, and another excimer laser for the corneal reshaping), and it involves payment of license fees to the laser manufacturer. The license fees of ReLEx are even higher than the license fees for bladeless LASIK.

LASIK Questions Answers

Q-2 How safe is the treatment?

Extremely safe. If the doctor and the patient co-operate during the course of the treatment, then there is hardly any chance for complications to arise. The safest treatment is ReLEx SMILE, followed by bladeless LASIK, followed by conventional LASIK.

Q-3 Is there a chance of the refractive error coming back in the long run?

No. The healing process is over approximately six months after the treatment. Thereafter there is no chance of getting the number back.

LASIK Questions Answers

Q-4 How long is the LASIK or ReLEx procedure? Is it painful?

The entire process takes less than ten minutes in which the laser treatment itself takes only a minute or two. The treatment is not painful. No injections are necessary. However, for about one day after the treatment the patient might experience some pain.


LASIK Questions Answers

Q-5 Does the patient have to stay at the hospital?

No, the patient can go home immediately. Things that irritate the eye should, however be avoided for 2-3 weeks. For instance, in bright light one may need to wear sunglasses. The patient needs to put eye-drops for a few weeks after treatment.


LASIK Questions Answers

Q-6 Who can undergo this LASIK laser vision correction?

Anybody who wears spectacles or contact lenses can undergo this treatment. But it is not advisable for persons whose number has changed significantly in the past year or is likely to change again in future. This treatment is not recommended for children.


LASIK Questions Answers

Q-7 Can both eyes undergo Laser Eye Surgery together?

Yes, Both eyes are normally treated together. When you get both eyes treated together, you save on time, and follow-up visits, and the visual recovery is also somewhat faster. However, this does carry some additional risk, so if you are more comfortable getting one eye treated at a time,that is also possible. Please discuss this issue with your New Vision Doctor.


LASIK Questions Answers

Q-8 Can young children undergo LASIK?

Normally, in young children, the refractive error is not stable. It is only once boys come to the age of around 18, and girls to the age of around 17, that the error becomes stable. Since it would be meaningless to repeatedly treat a single individual, it is better to get treated once the error is stable, that is, after 17-18 years of age.

There are some exceptions to the rule, however. We would recommend LASIK in those young children who are below 9 years of age, and have a significant difference in the refractive error between two eyes. Those children who are above 9, and have a significant difference in the refractive error between two eyes, and are contact lenses intolerant are also good candidates for LASIK.


LASIK Questions Answers

Q-9 Can the procedure be done on the same day as the consultation?

Generally we don’t recommend getting LASIK done on the same day as the consultation, if you are a high myope. This is because we generally dilate (make it wider) the pupil of the eye, to look at the lens and retina during the consultation. It is difficult to do the procedure when the pupil is dilated. Your eye doctor may consider doing the procedure after a few hours though.

LASIK Questions Answers

Q-10 Why are the charges different among different centers?

Different centers were set up at different times, and there cost structures are different. Also, they offer different procedures. ReLEx SMILE, Bladeless LASIK, Customized LASIK, Conventional LASIK, Laser Blended Vision, Thin Flap LASIK are some of the treatment options.  Hence, rates differ across centers. You are free to undergo the procedure wherever you feel appropriate, based on convenience and pricing. You need not undergo consultation or follow-ups at the same center.

LASIK Questions Answers

Q-11 Does LASIK cause any systemic difficulties?

No, LASIK does not cause any systemic difficulties. Its effect are restricted to the eye, and there are no documented cases, where any other effects have been shown.

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  1. If topography was done then why report not given to us?
    in bhavnagar center topography reports not given to us. and they behave rudely (Devang Desai) and said “we can not give you the reports”. If you want that reports then just pay us 1500/- rs and we will give the reports. i am not a millionair to give him this money. He had not checked me properly.

  2. I have a question on lasik treatment,
    1….After lasik treatment we will get 100% vision back ? or still we will have some number?
    2…. After the treatment is there any chance that the number will increase again after some time?

  3. Hi,

    I have recently gone under Lasik surgery about 10 days ago though my left eye vision is good but right eye vision is problem. i m facing Halos, double vision in my right eye which is creating problems when i read & work on computer. My night eye vision is horrible. My surgeon said that my vision will improve over the time it still requires some time to recover with drops.

    Is further treatment is possible for halos & double vision ? kindly advise.

    1. Its a 2014 question. how are you doing now??

      You underwent which LASIK surgery??
      give the complete details.
      Amount of halos and double vision would eventually disappear depending upon the intensity.
      Nightvision affects for longer periods.

      Awaiting your reply. regards,

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