During PRK or Surface Ablation

PRK or Surface Ablation (also called LASEK or e-LASIK, these are just minor variations of the same basic procedure), is one of the oldest techniques of laser vision correction.

You should arrive at the New Vision Laser Center as rested and relaxed as possible. You can have some light food before the procedure, if you like. You should allow 2 hours at the Laser Center. Wear comfortable clothing. Do not wear makeup, earrings, hair spray, perfume or cologne on the day of your laser procedure.

You will need to have someone drive you home. You can also take an auto or taxi to go home.

You will be asked to sign the informed consent and arrange for payment for your procedure.

You can meet with your surgeon to discuss any further questions.

We’ll use anesthetic drops to numb your eye.

After we administer the numbing drops, we’ll take you into the laser suite. By the way, you can view the laser equipment before the numbing drops are used. Your relatives or friends can view the procedure on a Closed Circuit TV arrangement.

If you are having PRK (or Photo Refractive Keractotomy):

PRK is a sterile procedure, therefore sterile surgical conditions are maintained.

  • Your face is cleaned with a disinfectant.
  • You wear a surgical cap.
  • Your eyelashes are taped out of the way and/or an eyelid holder is put in your eye to prevent blinking.

In the PRK or surface ablation procedure, the area to be treated is first marked lightly on the cornea. Subsequently, a blunt instrument is used to brush away the top layer of cells of the cornea,   the epithelial layer. Sometimes, the epithelial cells are first loosened with a dilute alcohol solution, and then removed as a layer (as in LASEK).  Once all the cells in the marked area are removed, the surgeon will proceed to the laser step. You will not see anything or feel any pain, and you may feel some movements around and on your eye. When the cells are removed, then  your vision will get a little blurry. You are asked to fixate on a green/yellow target light.

The laser part of the surface ablation procedure is performed and takes about 20-40 seconds, depending on the power to be corrected. Once the laser part of the procedure is completed, the eye will be washed thoroughly, and a bandage contact lens applied on the eye.

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