Mumbai LASIK center completes more than 500 Bladeless LASIK procedures

Mumbai LASIK center completes more than 2000 Bladeless LASIK procedures

In a little over 4 years, the Mumbai LASIK center has completed more than 2000 Bladeless LASIK and  SMILE procedures. This is very interesting, given that Bladeless LASIK and SMILE cost a lot more than standard LASIK and so is therefore less affordable to patients. This indicates the strong preference of patients from Mumbai to undergo these procedures, because of their enhanced safety and enhanced accuracy as the result of a all laser procedure.

Our Mumbai LASIK center is our oldest laser center, and is conveniently located in Juhu, close to Andheri Railway Station, and close to the Versova-Ghatkoper Metro Line. Under the leadership of our Clinical Director, Dr. Rupal Shah, and our Ophthalmic Consultants Dr. Parul Maniar and Dr. Dimple Shah, we provide the most advanced LASIK technology in Mumbai

Where is ReLEx smile offered?

Where is ReLEx smile offered in India?

ReLEx smile is offered by New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight at our Mumbai LASIK Center, our Hyderabad LASIK Center, and our Vadodara LASIK Center. In addition, our parent company, Centre for Sight offers ReLEx smile in Delhi.

We have so much faith in the ReLEx smile procedure that Dr. Syed Maaz, Chief Consultant (Andhra Pradesh) and the Senior Consultant in our Hyderabad LASIK Center has undergone ReLEx smile himself.

Our Clinical Director, Dr. Rupal Shah, has performed more than 3000 ReLEx smile procedures, more than any other doctor in the world. She has been one of the pioneers of the procedure worldwide.


Dr. Rupal Shah awarded Best Paper of Session

Dr. Rupal Shah awarded Best Paper of Session

Dr. Rupal Shah was invited as a speaker at the Carl Zeiss European-Middle East-Africa User Meeting on refractive lasers held on June 1, 2013 at Majorca, Spain. She spoke on ReLEx smile-Learnings from Clinical and Scientific Studies. She gave an overview of all the experience gained from ReLEx smile studies through the last 5 years at New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight. Her talk highlighted the advantages of ReLEx smile, including its beneficial effects on Stability, Dry Eyes and Corneal Strength. Dr. Shah was the only Indian invited to this primarily European-Middle East Meeting.

Dr. Rupal Shah was awarded Best Paper of Session by the organizers for her talk.

Dr. Rupal Shah practises LASIK at our LASIK Mumbai and LASIK Vadodara centers. At both our Vadodara and Mumbai centers, she also offers ReLEx smile as a premium alternative to LASIK.

Below is the program of the meeting:

9:15 AM Session 1
Customized Refractive
Laser Treatment
Chair: Guldenfels
PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision: scientific concept and proof
Short experience of presbyopic correction with Laser Blended Vision & PRESBYOND in our refractive surgery centern
Presby treatments with MEL 80 and PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision
PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision – One year clinical experiences and results
Expansion of patient base and treatment potential with Laser Blended Vision

10:30 AM Session 2
Other aspects
in Refractive Surgery
Chair: Reinstein
Refractive surgery in airmen current requirements
The facts and physics of why only the VisuMax can cut with same or better-than excimer laser precision in cornea
ReLEx smile at 160 microns cap thickness
Evaluation of intrastromal corneal ring segments implantation by femtosecond laser for the management of keratoconus
Advanced outcomes with a new ablation profile

11:40 AM Session 3 (part 1)
ReLEx flex and smile
in Refractive Surgery
Chair: Hjortdal
ReLEx smile: The advantages over LASIK or PRK by leaving the anterior cornea intact
In vivo biomechanical studies of the cornea after LASIK, ReLEx flex and smile
Femto-LASIK (VisuMax & MEL 80) versus ReLEx smile
ReLEx versus Femto-LASIK: Interface, keratocyte morphology and nerve fiber recovery
Topographic Treatment Zone Centration: Comparison between ReLEx smile and Femto-LASIK
Results with ReLEx smile in case of high cylinders

1:40 PM Session 3 (part 2)
ReLEx flex and smile
in Refractive Surgery
Chair: Hjortdal
Learning from clinical and scientific studies
Options for ReLEx smile enhancement
Enhancement options after primary ReLEx smile
First results in nerve fiber and biochemical properties changes – ReLEx smile vs. Femto-LASIK

3:00 PM Session 4
Practice Management
Chair: Wiltfang
Why more and more patients prefer ReLEx smile
EXPERT VISION CENTER – Our concept for success
How I run a successful practice
80% Femto-LASIK vs. 20% PRK – How did we reach this in a very price sensitive market


LASIK Cost Mumbai

LASIK Cost Mumbai

Different LASIK Cost Mumbai

We offer many different types of procedures in our Mumbai LASIK center. Each of them has a different price, and so we must inevitably discuss LASIK Cost Mumbai only in reference to the type of procedure. For more about each type of procedure, you can refer to the relevant pages as linked to this page.

Aspheric LASIK Cost Mumbai: Rs. 25000 to Rs. 35000

Customized LASIK Cost Mumbai: Rs. 40000 to Rs. 55000

Bladeless LASIK Cost Mumbai: Rs. 85000 to Rs. 100000

SMILE Cost Mumbai: Rs. 120000 to Rs. 135000

Corneal Cross Linking Cost Mumbai: Rs. 20000 to Rs. 50000 (per eye).

Corneal Cross linking costs vary based on whether it is accompanied by any topolinking or refractive correction.

Laser Blended Profile for Near Vision Correction: Rs. 5000 (per eye)

The above lasik costs mumbai are for both eyes (unless otherwise mentioned).

Why do we mention a range instead of one single figure? Well, it depends a little on how complex the refractive error is, and the demands of the patient. If you have a high power, or high astigmatism or a thin cornea, or dry eyes, you should expect a figure on the higher side of the range. Also, it depends on the doctor treating you. A more experienced doctor is more likely to charge on the higher side of the range.

Do check at the clinic for any discount schemes we may be running. We often run these, so you might be able to take advantage of the scheme. Do chcck out our facebook page: LASIK Mumbai




ReLEx smile with VisuMax

Comparison in incision size between ReLEx smile and LASIK
Comparison in incision size between ReLEx smile VisuMax and LASIK

ReLEx smile with VisuMax

ReLEx smile with VisuMax: The all new laser refractive surgery technique.

The Best Alternative to LASIK.

Flapless. Bladeless. Painless

New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight are the pioneers in the world for ReLEx smile with VisuMax.

Available at Vadodara, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi

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Centre for Sight, New Delhi commences ReLEx smile laser surgery in Delhi

ReLEx smile laser surgery in Delhi-Now Available

ReLEx smile laser surgery in Delhi!!- the revolutionary eye correction procedure is now available in Delhi, exclusively at Centre for Sight, Safdarjung Enclave.

Using the VisuMax laser, Centre for Sight will also offer Bladeless LASIK procedures.

The first live ReLEx smile laser  surgery was conducted in New Delhi during the annual meeting of the Delhi Ophthalmological Society in April 2013. Dr. Rupal Shah, Clinical Director of New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight, Dr. Sri Ganesh and Dr. Mahipal Singh Sachdev, Chairman of Centre for Sight group (the largest LASIK chain in Asia) performed live ReLEx smile procedures from Centre for Sight, which were transmitted live to Hotel Ashoka, where a group of 500 ophthalmologists from Delhi and North India could learn about this revolutionary procedure.

Dr Rupal Shah performed live ReLEx smile Lasik eye surgery

Live ReLEx smile LASIK eye surgery

At the annual meeting of the Delhi Opthalmological Society (DOS) held in April 2013. She performed the ReLEx smile LASIK eye surgery from Centre for Sight’s Safdarjung Enclave Clinic.

Later, she also spoke on ReLEx smile LASIK Eye Surgery and Bladeless LASIK, and also co-chaired a session on refractive surgery

First Advanced LASIK Course held in Mumbai

Advanced LASIK Course

March 14, 2012: LaseRx /New Vision Laser Centers successfully concluded the first advanced LASIK Course course in Mumbai. Intended for doctors who already perform LASIK routinely, the course covered topics like Femto-LASIK (Bladeless LASIK), ReLEx smile, topographically customized and wavefront customized LASIK, and LASIK for presbyopia.

The course was attended by eminent doctors of Mumbai, and the faculty consisted of Dr. Rupal Shah and Mr. Samir Shah