Before Femto LASIK (Bladeless LASIK)

Before Femto-LASIK

The first step in your journey to a life free from Spectacles and Contact Lenses through Femto LASIK (also called Bladeless LASIK) involves setting up a Pre-Procedure Consultation appointment. You can do so at the Schedule an Appointment page on this site, or by calling up the center. Be sure to mention the time convenient to you, and the doctor who you wish to consult. Please arrive on time for the consultation, and budget upto two hours for the consultation. In most cases, the procedure can be done on the same day as the consultation.

This consultation is important for several reasons.

  • To determine if you are a candidate
  • To answer your questions
  • To learn as much as you can about laser vision correction, about ReLEx smile, Femto LASIK, PRK and LASIK
  • To understand the likely result, especially for your eyes.

At your pre-procedure consultation, we perform a thorough eye exam. Your exact refractive error is determined. Any conditions in your eyes that rule out laser vision correction in your eyes are looked for. Any other eye problems are also looked for and explained to you. Two special tests, Corneal Topography and Pachymetry, are also carried out.

Further, if you are thinking of wavefront customized LASIK, wavefront aberrometry is also carried out.

Candidates who are most suitable for Femto LASIK are those who want to have an extremely safe procedure, and who have thinner corneas in which the added predictability of Bladeless LASIK becomes critical.

We perform femto LASIK with the VisuMax femtosecond laser which is superior to intralase laser

As part of the consultation we provide you information on all aspects of laser vision correction. This will help you to understand what you can reasonably expect from laser vision correction. We believe that if you learn everything you can about the procedure, you can make an informed decision. We will also explain to you the different procedures, including ReLEx smile, Femto LASIK , LASIK and PRK or Surface Ablation.

During the pre-evaluation process we will carefully evaluate your eyes and answer any questions.

If you decide to have the laser procedure, we’ll tell you what you need to do to be ready. Mainly, you’ll need to stop wearing contact lenses before your procedure, one week for soft lenses and four weeks for hard or gas permeable lenses. You will also need to put some antibiotic eye drops for a day or two before the procedure.