Good LASIK candidate?

Good LASIK Candidate

You are a good LASIK candidate (as also for ReLEx/PRK/Femto-LASIK/Blade less LASIK) if:

  • You are over 18 years old, and have stable refractive errors
  • You have reasonably good physical and mental conditionLASIK Candidate
  • You have errors between +6 Diopters upto -12 Diopters (with or without cylindrical numbers)-Note ReLEx is offered only for -ve powers (myopia)
  • You have no systemic diseases like diabetes, or arthritis
  • You have no other eye problems, like glaucoma  or cataracts
  • You have a positive attitude in life

Of course, these are general guidelines. Even if you fall in or out of these general guidelines, we may still be able to perform laser refractive surgery on you, or we may rule you out as a good lasik candidate. This is possible only after a detailed eye examination. This detailed eye examination will focus on whether you are a good lasik candidate. Specialized tests we will carry out include corneal thickness tests, cornea curvature tests (corneal topography), wavefront aberrometry. After all tests are carried out, we will suggest you an appropriate procedure. Sometimes, if your cornea is irregular or your cornea is too thin, we may advise you against undergoing one or more types of procedures, or any procedure to get rid of your glasses.

Most times, you can select the type of procedure you wish, based on the experience of your friends and relatives, who may have undergone LASIK at New Vision earlier. Sometimes, the eye doctor will offer you a preferred choice for your eyes, and their characteristics. Sometimes, the eye doctor will insist on a particular procedure (ReLEx smile, Bladeless LASIK, LASIK with Blade, Thin flap LASIK, PRK, Customized LASIK, Laser Blended Vision), depending on your eyes, your age, your occupation, and your specific visual needs.

If we pronounce you as a poor candidate for LASIK, or we ask you to wait a while and get retested before we pronounce you a good LASIK candidate, we urge you to take this advise seriously. If your are not a good lasik candidate, it would be dangerous for your eyes to get LASIK done.

In case you are not a good LASIK candidate, you may still be eligible for other procedures performed at New Vision Laser Centers, including ICL, Refractive Lens Exchange, or Corneal Crosslinking.

Additional Resources:

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