After LASIK Surgery

After LASIK Surgery

The First Day after LASIK Surgery

Following the LASIK surgery you should go home and rest.

You will experience some pain and foreign body sensation, and tearing. Unlike PRK  this discomfort will be felt for only about 12-24 hours. On waking up the following morning, you should be fine. We will provide you with pain medication to be used as needed as well as eye drops to enhance healing, and to reduce inflammation, and lubricate the eye.

You can expect your vision to be a fairly blurry, immediately after surgery. This is normal, and your should not be surprised or worried. There should be a dramatic improvement the next morning.

You must not touch your eyes, or rub them for the first 24 hours. This is critical.

You can eat what you like. We would encourage you not to drive on the first day. However, you can watch TV if you like, once your vision starts improving in a few hours.


The First Week after  LASIK Surgery

When you leave the New Vision Laser Center you will be given complete instructions including an appointment for the next day. Typically, the follow-up schedule includes examinations the day after and one month and six months after the procedure. You can discuss with your New Vision Doctor the alternatives if you cannot keep up the follow-up schedule.

Post LASIK Instructions
Do’s and Don’ts following LASIK Surgery

With LASIK your vision improves more quickly and you may feel comfortable enough to watch TV in about 12  hours. You will be using 3 different drops for 7  days, and artificial tears for about 2 months after the procedure.

There may be some red spots in the white of your eye. These are small blood clots from the suction applied to the eye during the use of the microkeratome blade. These will go away in about 2 weeks. Don’t worry about them.

You should:

  • Wear good sunglasses
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Avoid swimming, water parks etc. for about two months
  • Showers are fine, just avoid splashing your eyes with water for a few weeks. Do clean the areas over the eyes and around them.
  • Avoid dusty or smoky environments.

The First Year after LASIK Surgery

After LASIK, vision stabilizes within a day, with a slight improvement over a week.

Recovery is generally faster with LASIK than with other procedures, like  PRK or Surface Ablation or ASA.

With LASIK, although the flap is relatively secure in one week, we advise you not to rub your eyes hard for at least two months.


In a small percentage of patients, there may be a need for an enhancement procedure, to further reduce any refractive error that may have been left behind after the procedure. Generally, any enhancement necessary will be carried out after 2-3 months, after vision has stabilized. New Vision Laser Centers generally carry out all enhancements necessary free of cost.