Advanced LASIK Course

LASIK Courses in India
Dr. Rupal Shah, one of India’s most experienced LASIK surgeons and teachers, will lead the advanced LASIK  Course

Advanced LASIK Course

New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight have been conducting LASIK courses since more than 12 years, and so far, more than a 1000 ophthalmologists have taken advantage of the course. It would not be amiss to state that 25% of all eye surgeons practicing LASIK in India have taken advantage of the Intensive LASIK Courses run by New Vision Laser Centres.

In the recent past, we have received extensive requests for a more advanced course, suitable for those eye surgeons who have already been practicing LASIK since some time,  for a LASIK course which deals with more advanced topics.

Hence, we are pleased to have designed such a course, and we have already conducted such a course twice in Mumbai. We call it the Advanced LASIK  Course, and it is suitable for those doctors who want to deal with some of the most advanced topics in the field of Laser Refractive Eye Surgery.

Some of the topics the course will deal with include:

  • Femtosecond Lasers for Bladeless LASIK
  • SMILE Eye Surgery
  • Intracorneal Inlays and Intracorneal Rings
  • Wavefront Aberrations and Wavefront Customized LASIK
  • Advanced Topography and Topography Customized LASIK
  • Corneal Cross Linking
  • Options for the Presbyopic Patient
  • LASIK Complications

For more details about our advanced LASIK training course, please contact Ms. Neha Amin,, or call her at +91 9376271002, or you can visit our training website-LASIK Training